"Thrusting cutting edge technology, concepts and ideas into the very core of classic human situations."

                                                                                   BJ Neblett on the genre 'New Millennialism'

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State Of Appearances May 2020

Right now the only convention I have scheduled to attend is OryCon in Portland, Oregon, November 13 - 15. Hope you can join me.

As you probably already know, many of the major book, sci-fi/fantasy, comic and other conventions for 2020 have been canceled. These unfortunately include Emerald City, Norwest Con and Medford City. The fate of other popular conventions remains undecided as of this posting. Keep watch of your favorite conventions on their home page web sites, and I will continue to post updates and future appearances right here as they become available. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon, and we'll all be able to get back to celebrating the fantastic in all of us. In the meantime, I'll be here writing, with new books and adventures the next time we meet.


Portland's Rose City Comicon 2019

One Of Portland's Many Bridges

One Of Portland's Many Bridges

One Of Portland's Many Bridges


What better than to hold a Comicon on a full moon weekend!

Autograph Pen At The Ready

One Of Portland's Many Bridges

One Of Portland's Many Bridges


Business was swift, readers snatching up signed copies of Planet Alt-Sete-Nine, Elysian Dreams, and Beyond The Hedge

Fans Came From Everywhere

One Of Portland's Many Bridges

Fans Came From Everywhere


Some visitors were recognizable even without costumes! 

One Of The Main Aisles

Vendors And Celebrities

Fans Came From Everywhere


Rose City takes place in Portland's sprawling convention center.

Vendors And Celebrities

Vendors And Celebrities

Vendors And Celebrities


If you can dream it, you can find it here, along with stars from sci-fi/fantasy movies, TV and comics.

More Goodies

Vendors And Celebrities

Vendors And Celebrities


It seems the vendor booths are endless! Rose City is definitely a three day journey! 


Book Signings

Release Parties

Speaking & Teaching Engagements

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Now Available In All E-Book Formats Just Click The Image Above! Look for the paperback Winter 2020/21

Fifteen Fantastic Tales For Fantastic Minds


What if a cell phone could do your bidding for you? What if a laptop had feelings? What if an actor were to give the performance of his life… literally? These are just a few of the possibilities as popular author BJ Neblett tears open the doors to some alternate realities and peeks inside. Doors that probably should remain nailed tightly shut. This collection of Fantastic Literature brings together a man destined to fight our wars; a spirit that refuses to leave his best friend’s side; an inmate facing unseen fears; a man on the brink of suicide; and a musical instrument straight out of Freud’s nightmares. If you’ve ever rooted on your favorite sports team, gotten lost in the dark, or longed to write the next best seller, and wished for an easier way, then read on. This collection is for you. Only take a tip from Roger Martin, the hero of It’s Only A Game and be careful what you wish. In some realities anything can be possible when you dare to ask, “Wouldn’t it be funny if…”

Available at Barnes and Noble and wherever E-books are sold.






Programmer Jake is at the top of his profession. His new video game, Planet Alt-Sete-Nine is about to be released. The highly anticipated artificial intelligence he has programmed into his game is expected to revolutionize the video game industry. But something has gone very badly wrong. Jake’s girlfriend, school teacher Haylee is a happy, normal, slightly geeky twenty something with more than a passing fascination for fantasy video gaming. When Jake asks her to beta-test the new product, she is mysteriously drawn deeper into the demanding program, eventually forsaking friends and family to the mysteriously enchanting game. Even the renowned Dr. Cochran, a leading expert on video game addiction, is at a loss to explain Haylee’s strange and erratic behavior. As Haylee explores the mystical Planet Alt-Sete-Nine for an elusive princess, Jake frantically searches for a way to hold on to Haylee and her tenuous grasp with reality. Can the powerful Wizardess Azami le Blanc unravel the mystery of the Al-téarièn people? Or will the fierce warrior Cailey be Haylee’s salvation? Now Jake must find a way to save his girlfriend from the clutches of the dimension bending video game and its menacing artificial intelligence before she is lost forever.

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A precocious young girl seeking the truth about her father. A college professor whose knowledge goes far beyond the text books. A woman lost in time. Three disparate people whose lives continue to mysteriously cross.

Professor Collin Crowly is a popular history teacher. His carefree, bachelor reputation is one he rather enjoys. But it belies deeper angst beneath his brash exterior - and will soon get him into trouble. The fateful day young Angelina walks into his classroom, Crowley's life changes, and without warning he is trapped within the very pages of the history he loves to teach. Now he is faced with one too many girlfriends, one too many enemies - and one too many lives.

Highly intelligent and slightly nerdy high school student Marsha lives an idyllic life with her mom, Angela. Lost between her dreams and a perplexing reality, she searches the heavens for answers.

The trio desperately seeks answers, as each struggles to search their dreams while seeking their destiny.

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Ice Cream Camelot presents the history of the Kennedy administration within the funny and touching memoir of a young boy coming of age during those significant years. But this isn’t the Wonder Years revisited, and Billy Neblett isn’t your typical eleven-year-old. His family has recently moved from his beloved South Philly, and shy young Billy is repeating the fifth grade while struggling to stay out of trouble, make new friends and deal with a growing dependency on alcohol. All the while, Billy is attempting to find his own identity in an increasingly confusing and frightening world. Amid school bullies, killer nuns, the race for space, peaceful sit-ins, race riots and the growing threat of nuclear war, Billy finds his heroes in the most unusual places. Legendary rock n roll DJs Hy Lit and Joe Niagara take Billy under their wing, mentoring him and fostering a love of radio. But it is our 35th president, John F Kennedy from whom Billy finds hope and inspiration. Painfully aware of the irony in his life – there are no blacks in lily white suburban Lawrence Park, and girls are treated as second class citizens at St Pius X Catholic Grade School – Billy looks to the charismatic JFK as the savior of Camelot for himself and his first love Amy. Ice Cream Camelot is a unique, engaging and entertaining look at one of the most important eras in American history.

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